Nicky Haslam. A Designers Life

The enduring appeal of English-style interiors from the current master of the genre. Nicholas "Nicky" Haslam is one of the world’s most distinguished interior designers, and this career-crowning monograph explores his signature style. Haslam began designing in 1972 and has become known for opulent, original, and timeless interiors. With a prime motivation of creating interiors that are "flattering to their owners," his firm’s work is seductively glamorous, layered with a historical knowledge and an originality that belies the careful focus on practicality and livability. The mix of the deeply serious, grand, and impressive with charm and above all wit is Haslam’s trademark. With its fresh, lively, and spontaneous approach that reflects Haslam’s charisma, wit, and charm, this gorgeously illustrated volume reveals the influences, inspirations, and achievements that have been pivotal to his success. Haslam shares material from both his personal scrapbook and professional archive to highlight key moments in his colorful career, his most acclaimed designs, and the sources of his creative inspiration. Clients have included Ringo Starr, Mick Jagger, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong, Maurice and Charles Saatchi, Rupert Everett, Alec Wildenstein, Peter Soros, and Janet de Botton, among many others. He has also designed parties for the Prince of Wales, Lord Rothschild, Sir Evelyn and Lady de Rothschild, and Tina Brown.This beautiful and inspiring volume will appeal to anyone interested in interior design and the art of living well.